DxOMark Mobile Camera Ratings – Something’s surely wrong with their testing?

Have a look at the DxOMark Mobile ratings for smartphones. (http://www.dxomark.com/Mobiles) In first place is the Sony Xperia Z5, followed by the Samsung S6 Edge, Google Nexus 6P, LG G4, Samsung Note 4, Moto X Style, Sony Xperia Z3+, iPhone 6 Plus , iPhone 6 and then the iPhone 6S in 10th place.

I have around 50 individual albums for each separate smartphone I have personally used. See here https://www.flickr.com/photos/gavinfabl100/albums .

The only phones I have not used are the Z3+ and Nexus 6P. I have used the Z3 Compact though. All I can say is that DxOMark scorings in my opinion are a nonsense.

I would place the S6 Edge Plus/Note 5/LG G4 near the top followed by the iPhone 6S Plus. Depending if video or photo was more important to you could tweak the results marginally one way or another. I would then place the Sony phones below all of the above and all the older iPhones. The Moto X Style takes good photos overall too.

Now in my testing the Z5 doesn’t take poor shots, it is just not at the same standard unless you switch to manual modes and take full control of the shooting parameters. Well, if I use third party apps with the iPhone 6S Plus same thing happens too – incredible shots. But that is not real world usage.

So how would YOU rank the phones scored by DxOmark?


22 thoughts on “DxOMark Mobile Camera Ratings – Something’s surely wrong with their testing?

  1. I can’t prove it but I belive the S6 Edge Plus and Note 5 are not exactly the same as the S6 for camera quality especially for low light. Also we need to account for upgrades in software.


  2. I had a browse through your albums and I thought they were all good! I know it’s a bit old now and this is an entirely subjective assessment but I really liked the shots using the Note 4. To be honest though, all the recent top range phones take shots that would have been unattainable a few years ago. If you pixel peep and test colour balance etc you can make technical comparisons but I think we’re at the point where ease of use is probably one of the most important factors. iPhones always do really well on this.


  3. I think the 6s should be better than the 6 because of the more mega pixels but I still don’t think the 6s is close to competing with the Note 5,S6 Edge Plus,Z5 I just think those companies are ahead in the Camera dept better camera software and hardware it just makes the difference


  4. And as far as the videos on you tube goes you have to be careful who you try and take a review from because of biased opinions very difficult to believe a you tube video after seeing some of the results I have seen and know to be wrong


  5. Well I’ve had the the s6 edge and which to the iPhone 6s Plus and I’m here to tell the iPhone 6s Plus is and video there no comparison and the video on YouTube I would agree if it’s was one or two but it’s all of them beside one or two I’ve had both and I’m not biase I’m here to tell you the iPhone 6s Plus is better


  6. Gavin what is your take on just taking photos not editing them just point and shoot I think the iPhone 6s Plus is better on point and shoot now talking about manual control yes note 5 and Sony and the s6 edge mite pull ahead but there apps out there that can be download to do the same thing but just taking a snap shoot I thing the iPhone 6s Plus does better in over color and performances your take


    1. Whilst I have the 6S Plus it won’t win every shot. This goes to Note 5 or S6 Edge or G4. However for a decent quick and reliable and overall good reasonable shot, the iPhone is marginally more consistent. I would be very happy with the Note 5 camera for still for example. No one phone camera is right for everyone. It’s all a balance. 12mp photos are smaller in file size and therefore quicker to share and need less storage. That might matter to some. It’s all a balance. Do Live Photos matter? Time lapse or slow motion? Selfies may be more important to some people. Ask the question another way. Is the iPhone 6S Plus good enough for me. Yes. Does it take better shots than my G4 or S6 Edge. No. But it always take a perfect shot first time. Does the G4 or S6 get it right 100% first time. Not always. Does that matter. Maybe. Maybe not. It’s all priorities and what matters most. Obviously the camera isn’t the only thing on the phone. So other aspects need to be factored in etc.


  7. Gavin I don’t understand what your says you say that the iPhone 6s takes the right first shot the first time to me that your say if you have to manually adjust the picture yes note 5 or s6 edge but just taking a camera the iPhone 6s Plus take the best picture right or wrong just wondering


    1. Doesn’t meant the quality is better. Even if it’s got the shot first time. That’s what I’m partially saying. I’m not referring to any manual controls either. All auto. Sometimes one auto shot is better than another one.


  8. I had the s6 edge I think the iPhone 6s Plus camera is better but that’s my opinion I thank Samsung camera over exposes there color there shoots are to bright I just ran across a blind test study on th internet where out of 5 pictures the iPhone took 3 out of five get it out thank for talking to me .


    1. The Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus take slightly better shots than the S6 or S6 Edge. I don’t disagree with you either. It is all subjective sometimes and depends on what is being photographed. As I said I’m happy with the iPhone. If I want a better shot I use a dslr


  9. I agree with you Mike I think the iPhone 6s Plus is the best camera as far as taking a still picture and the video is the best to the note 5 and the Samsung phone over exposes the pictures the colors are off to your also right about the blind test and the video on YouTube dxomark is test are wrong too


    1. With all these phones at the end of the day so long as you’re happy, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or states in a test or video.

      I also think that the standard set by these top end phones is overall so good that it doesn’t matter too much now if one flagship is better than another. They all take good photos etc….

      Now the iphone 3gs was not the best rear camera but here is a shot – https://www.flickr.com/photos/gavinfabl100/8823059156/in/album-72157633676198718/ loads of noise but actually is was a really spooky night and captured the atmosphere spot on.

      Now this shot was taken in 2005, now 10 years old. https://www.flickr.com/photos/gavinfabl100/8823059156/in/album-72157633676198718/ I can assure you the first thing I won’t be doing is pixel peeping and wondering which phone. Hopefully I will be enjoying the memory.


  10. The only comparison I have done is between Note 5 and Galaxy 5 in low light and the Note 5 is in a different league for rear and front camera.


  11. I found this Flickr album with nine shots apiece taken by 10 of the top smartphones. https://flic.kr/s/aHskmKQkPW Included are 6 Plus and 6S Plus. I don’t know whether it was all in auto as the site is French and je suis a little rusty. If you pixel peep then the Z5 is noticeably better in some of the shots but on an iPad at normal resolution this difference doesn’t show. One of the few pics I thought was bad was taken by Edge+ shooting into the sun, which is always a challenge.


  12. Nokia 808 kicks the butt of any iPhone, Galaxy, Xperia, Nexus or LG, by far. And it is 3 years old already. Of course, Panasonic DMC-CM1 also kicks the butt of any of the above. Ok, I know we are talking about current mainstream flagship phones, but that’s a simple true fact: 808 and DMC-CM1 are the real deal when talking about top quality cameraphones. The new mainstream flagship leader seems to be the Microsoft 950/950XL.


    1. No denying the 808 has a stunning camera etc. But it’s not current nor mainstream anymore etc which is a shame. Until the 950 models are in everyone’s hand we can’t assume they will be the best although I personally think they will kick others butts 😀


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