Google announces 2 new phones, Chromecasts and Pixel C – my views

Google held a press conference to announce two new smartphones , android 6.0 marshmallow, new updates to Google Photos, family sharing plan for Google Play Music, a new Chromecast, Chromecast Audio and the Pixel C tablet. For details on pricing and full specifications –

So Google is offering a 16gb Nexus 5X for £339 right up to a 128gb Nexus 6P for £579.The Nexus 5X also comes in a 32gb storage option, and the 6P in 32 and 64gb. Both phones feature the latest operating system from Google, android 6.0 along with the same cameras. The rear cameras feature a 12.3mp rear camera with large 1.55u pixels. The 5X is plastic and has a Snapdragon 808 processor whereas the 6P is metal with a snapdragon 810. Both include the new android sensor hub.

What is not included is a support for micro SD and optical image stabilisation for the rear camera. Qi Wireless charging has been removed too. I don’t get why wireless charging was removed as well as OIS. Micro SD is neither here nor there.

So here are my views –

Phones – The 5X is a cheaper option with lower storage too. It has 2gb ram, Gorilla Glass 3, built with plastic, 1080p screen and a snapdragon 808 processor. On paper the specs are IMO rather average. Maybe the new camera will be a surprise but there is no OIS. The 6P with a QHD display, snapdragon 810, 3gb ram and Gorilla Glass 4 and in a metal build seems like the better option but starting at around £449 for the 32gb with no micro SD card is not a bargain. I just wasn’t bowled over. But if you are in the market for a new phone, this could be one to consider. Personally some of the Nexus phones just lack features. Buy a Sony Xperia Z5 and you can link it to a Playstation Game Controller and play remote Playstation games, or listen to music through its special built in amplifier.

New Chromecasts – rather funky and look great with added wifi aerials. A no brainer. The Chromecast audio was also a great idea. Both £30 which I am sure will have lower pricing after a few months.

Pixel C – love this tablet and such a great piece of engineering. Truly liked this a lot.

Software – once again Google provided an updated and tweaked software experience to complete the package on these new phones.

For the price of the 32gb Nexus 6P, a new Chromecast and Pixel C you could buy a 128gb iPhone 6S Plus. That’s the value of the Google products.

So what did you think?

Below are videos from Google of the new phones.


4 thoughts on “Google announces 2 new phones, Chromecasts and Pixel C – my views

  1. I have similar feelings to you about the new products. I’m looking to upgrade my HTC One but neither of the phones appealed to me. The 5X doesn’t have enough storage plus I don’t want to go back to a single speaker. The 6P is slightly tempting but why did they have to ruin a beautiful sleek metal case with that ugly black bulge on the back? It’s probably too big for me anyway. I’m thinking Xperia Z5 might be a better choice.

    Yes the tablet looks gorgeous. If it gets good reviews I might sell my iPad. First time I’ve been tempted to do that.

    So Marshmallow promises much better battery life? They promised that with KitKat but it was noticeably worse on my One. Then they promised it again with Lollipop but it’s now terrible. For the first time I have to carry an external power source if I’m out for the day. I thought that it might be my battery getting older but the HTC diagnostic tool says it’s ok. Of course I’ll never be able to compare as my phone won’t be getting Marshmallow. My wife’s iPhone 4S can still run the latest OS and it’s really smooth!


    1. That’s the point at £499 for the 64gb Nexus 6P it leaves the door wide open to select a different brand with different features. The bulge in real life looks fine btw. Or buy the black if worried. The battery life improvements will work this time as it uses hardware and software to manage this. Whether its a full 30% is another story. Fantastic too that your wife’s 4S is running so well. Impressive 🙂


  2. Yea – Moto X looks fantastic value now – 6P did interest me the most in the run up but imo its too tall (taller than the current N6) and just doesn’t have anything that grabs me. I’ve given up on Google’s claims of better battery all the time. Maybe I’m being a tad shallow, but my biggest problem is dropping £500 on a Huawei device given their position price wise (generally) in the market. Really was hoping this was a chance for a really good value Nexus – maybe just one device with the 6P specs at a midway price point between the two?


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