Apple news and low light camera results

So Apple announces that it sold a record 13m iPhones over the launch weekend up by 3m from last year. So it’s only natural that Wall Street responds with disapproval and disappointment and causes Apple’s share price to drop. Sometimes I do wonder if morons run Wall Street! 

At a time when Samsung and other phone companies are struggling to sell their phones, Apple had no problem whatsoever in shifting a record breaking number. I do suspect China played a big part in the sales figures. Also worth noting that the iPhone will go on sale in another 40 countries on 10th October. 

This year was the first year that Apple made buying the new iPhone a much easier process and in turn reduced the queue sizes. 

Now back to the camera and low light photos. Apparently for low light shots you get much better results if you switch off the live photo mode. I have not had time to test this thoroughly but will over the coming weeks. Also there are a number of third party apps that specialise in low light photography including Slow Shutter Cam and Nightcap Pro and I will see what difference these apps make. 

In the meantime, taken at dusk yesterday is the photo below. Unedited. Seems ok to me. 



7 thoughts on “Apple news and low light camera results

  1. 13 million sales I impressive. But noticed that even in the USA the Hon of Apple that it’s market share has not really changed in the last year. Android manufacturers May be struggling but overall sales volumes collectively are not low.


      1. I agree but perhaps Android focus has changed from high end to medium end and this is what the volume is. Volume represents market presence and a platform with market penetration has greater potential but not always for device manufacturers.


      2. Android has to have penetration. Google needs this to serve ads. It needs ads to make money. As to who makes their phones is irrelevant in some respects. Apple makes profit and money from what it sells directly and takes 80-90% of all the profits. Different business models.


  2. Too true.

    Any thoughts on the 6s plus buzz / headphone electronic isolation issues demoed by tech bloggers on YouTube?

    Seems a minor issue to me which will only effect those with high sensitivity IEMs, not the masses with the bundled stock white buds connected direct to the headphone jack. After all those serious about high end audio will use a standalone DAC / amp combo at the minimum, and probably eschew the smartphone completely for a dedicated PMP.


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