ZTE Axon Elite – IFA 2015 – Show Report – Part 3



At IFA 2015, ZTE were displaying the ZTE Axon Elite. I have created a separate post for this phone as I felt it deserved more attention. This is the ZTE Axon but without the 2K screen, named the Elite as this is the international model going on sale on 24th September for a mere 419 euros. The international model has all the LTE bands required. ZTE manufactures the Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 that I recently reviewed. The VSU6 is probably the best value budget phone currently.

So what do you get for 419 euros? An awful lot. For a start the rear features leather strips top and bottom, concealing the antennas. The phone is made from aluminium otherwise. The 5.5 inch display is 1080p, 3gb ram, 32gb storage with micro SD card support, a rear camera of 13mp plus a 2mp camera like the HTC One M8 duo camera setup for refocus affects, a 8mp front camera, fingerprint sensor, eye unlock scanner, voice recognition unlock , snapdragon 810, quick charge 2, 3,000mah battery, front facing speakers. The phone features HiFi audio chips for an enhanced playback too.

I had a good play with the ZTE Axon Elite and it seemed a fairly reasonable offering. The duo camera setup was fun to use but as to the overall quality that will be tested at a later date when I receive the phone in a few weeks times approximately.

It does seem to me that manufacturers are struggling what to add to their phones to make them more interesting. ZTE seem to have thrown the kitchen sink in with the Axon Elite. The Eye Scanner unlock takes a 3D image of your eye, and the software is like something from a Star Trek movie. If you wear glasses it wont work. The manual suggests that you should get eye laser treatment if you wear glasses (joke).

However, despite any specs overload, in the 30 minutes or so that I used the phone it all worked well and the camera seemed to take some nifty shots with the duo rear camera. I can’t wait to get my hands on this full time now!


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