IFA 2015 – Show Report – Part 1

Over the next few weeks I will be writing small posts, detailing gadgets that I found interesting at IFA 2015. I have a huge amount of content!

Until you have visited IFA, I think it is difficult to comprehend just how “huge” the exhibition is. In fact its so huge its beyond huge! But then there were around 4,000+ exhibitors from the smartphones to the smart fridges, window cleaners, 8K TV’s , 3D TV display longer than your living room (unless you are the Queen) and so much more. In fact, IFA covers all electronics imaginable.

Below is the 3D 4K Ultra experience from LG. Wearing the 3D glasses provided a superb 3D experience with objects going around your head and all over the place.


LG had a very impressive range of TV’s on display covering a multitude of sizes and resolutions. Even an 8K TV. The LG G4 was being flaunted heavily along with other variants of the G4, include the G4 Note. Sadly this a 1gb ram, 8gb storage with a low processor, but with a stylus. Seems like nobody wants to take on Samsung’s Note 5.

I had planned to cover several press conferences on my first day at IFA, but missed the second press conference as it took 90 mins to get from one end of IFA to the other. You need 2 days of walking non stop from 10am to 5pm to see all the exhibitors. If you actually want to stop and look at the products, then add another day.

At the Audio Technics stand was their new portable headphone DAC Amp, the PHA100 connected with the Pono player, which looked odd being triangular. No wonder sales have been lacklustre. Audio Technica also had their full range of headphones and other hardware on display.


Cars were seen all over the place too, with Android Auto, and other related products. Kenwood was promoting its powerful in car head units for example.


With smartphones starting to plateau, it was clear from IFA that all companies are looking at other options to rake in the money. The big push seemed to be the Internet of Things or Connected Home.

More tomorrow.

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