Which Streaming Service?

Currently, I am a month into my 6 month Google Play All Access trial, a week into my Deezer 3 month trial and I subscribe to Tidal HiFi. I have yet to start my 3 month Apple Music Trial. And then came Amazon UK yesterday and added PrimeMusic to my Prime account at no extra cost. 

So far my ranking of these services are as follows with the best first and the worst one last. 

First – Tidal HiFi – if you’re going to pay it better sound bloody marvellous. And it really does with its FLAC recordings. I’m actually listening to Tidal as I type this ! I also like the music discovery on Tidal. I have found many new artists. 

Deezer – it’s flow option works well for me as does the different genres on offer across the world. 

Google Play All Access – it’s is dreadful since its last update. It has removed many genres from the new releases eg classical and jazz. However, in its free mode, I can still stream my entire music collection. 

Amazon PrimeMusic – in last place as the catalogue is weak. Yet to its credit it did play some great tunes yesterday but I’ve noticed it quickly deteriorates to older tracks when it can. And consequently its in last place. However, I will still use it as I get it with my Amazon Prime service. 

I’ve still got Apple Music to try which I’m looking forward to due to its extensive catalogue of songs. 

So what is your favourite streaming service ?

2 thoughts on “Which Streaming Service?

  1. I’m now using Quboz and prefer it to Tidal. I think it has a better catalogue. But overall FLAC is better than MP3s


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