LG G4 – Shooting in RAW – Continued

I have taken a few more shots using the LG G4 in RAW mode using both the default camera app and Camera FV-5. Camera FV-5 is used as it does bracketing automatically.

Typically using FV-5, I am shooting 3 shots with EV differences of +2, 0, and -2. Each sequence creates 6 shots, 3 jpegs and 3 raw DNGs, requiring around 120mb in total. 9 bracketed sequences taken, and that’s 1GB!

So the photo below was captured with 3 raw shots, and I merged them and created a HDR jpeg. Click on shot to see full resolution over at my flickr account.

Trees HDR

The next shot is a single raw photo, which I then post processed in Lightroom 6. I must admit, I need a lot more time to understand Lightroom 6.

Princetown Church

Back to 3 raw shots taken in a bracketed sequence, then merged to create a lovely Black & White moody shot.

Church of St Michael and All Angels , Princetown #lgg4 #hdr

Same again, except this was a hand held shot, using the bracketed mode on Camera FV-5.

St Peter's Church, Peter Tavy, Devon #lgg4

But is shooting in RAW worth the effort, extra space and time? Below is a shot taken normally in auto mode, using the default LG G4 camera app, and post processed on the phone using snapseed.

St Peter's Church, Peter Tavy, Devon #lgg4

Next 2 shots, all shot on, but no post processing applied. These are jpegs not raw files.

Down by the canal #Birmingham #lgg4

Down by the canal #Birmingham #lgg4

From my initial findings, raw shots do allow for better shots once post processed and stunning HDR shots. But RAW isn’t necessary either, but I would rather I had a phone that provided this feature than not. The options with RAW seem to improve the more I understand Lightroom 6. And that is the key. If I can grasp Lightroom 6 I will be able to create spotless photos!

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