LG G4 – raw photo images vs jpeg – samples – updated with Lightroom 6 sample

This was a quick test using the G4 camera in raw mode.

I used Camera FV-5 app in bracketing mode to take 3 shots. Exposures from +2,0,-2.

I then uploaded the photos in my macbook and used Photomatix to create a fancy HDR shot. As I’m using the trial the HDR images have 3 watermarks. I will be buying this app soon as its so funky to use.


Normal shot above. This is the original jpeg. Below new HDR shot created from 3 raw images. Whilst HDR adds some excitement, the quality is also improved.


Same again. Normal JPEG below.


And now a fancy HDR combined using 3 raw images.


And one more. Original jpeg belw.


Just look at the HDR shot from the 3 raw images. Absolutely love the drama in this shot.


OK some trees. Jpeg below.


And the new image which again was created from 3 raw images.


Now granted HDR is not everyone’s cup of tea, but its mine.

I will be exploring lightroom to carry out some normal post processing shortly.Also worth noting is the file sizes. Each raw image was 30mb. So for a bracketed sequence of 3, 90mb needed. After post processing the new jpeg created from the raw images is around 14mb.

You also have to factor in the extra steps of transferring the raw images, uploading them into the mac or pc software and all the time needed to create one super amazing shot. And then you share it on twitter or facebook and all that quality is lost!

Update – below is an HDR processed shot via Adobe Lightroom 6. Weighs in at 17mb. Same process as before, merges 3 raw shots.

Lightroom 6 File 1

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