Samsung Gear VR (Virtual Reality Headset) – First Impressions


The Samsung Gear VR (Virtual Reality) headset arrived over a week ago. I have been keen to try this out for ages to see what all the fuss is about.

The Gear VR sits comfortably on your head. The controls are simple. You have a trackpad on the side, a back button and an adjustment for the screen on top. Before you purchase/use the Gear VR, Samsung provides the longest document warning you of all the potential dangers of using this product, the importance of short sessions and plenty of breaks, sickness and all the potential side effects. Enough warnings to put you off using the product!

The Gear VR costs £169 or £199 with the Samsung Game Controller which you will need for some of the games. Starting off you have a screen in front of your eyes giving you access to the special VR store and all the options/games/apps available.

It is really easy to control and select different games and so, just by using the track pad on the Gear VR and/or moving your head.

The experience of using the Gear VR is out of this world. Virtual Reality is clearly the future of gaming. It is hard to describe how dramatic the vision is and how real it feels. At times, I felt like I did not want to move as I would fall off the cliff edge!

But there are the negatives. My Note 4 battery life had the juice sucked out of it at a rapid rate. You really will be using the fast charging mode on the Note 4. The Note 4 does get hot but nothing that worried me. The Note Edge does not fit/work with the Gear VR. Side effects. Samsung mentions sickness as a potential side effect. Temple Run VR is awesome to play, but OMG its super vomit territory. It is one of the worst games for side effects. If you manage to play for 5 minutes without at least feeling really sick, you deserve a gold star. One of my twitter friends James Burland, suggested I tried Titans of Space. That was a great recommendation, so be sure to play that game yourself if you do get one a Gear VR.

At the moment, it really is a developing product and it is definitely one I am excited about. Just note the side effects might impact your enjoyment.

3 thoughts on “Samsung Gear VR (Virtual Reality Headset) – First Impressions

  1. Glad you enjoyed it for the most part, and thanks for the mention! 🙂

    Titans is epic and there are some really clever little games for it, like Herobound, Minotaur Rescue and Esper.

    John Carmack called VR the final compute platform, personally I think he may well be right.


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