Official Samsung Hard Protective Cover Case – review


Cases. I have a history with buying cases that goes back years and is still part of my DNA. I can quickly spot a naff case, poor quality, poor usage and more. I had zero expectations for this case from Samsung but it is a pleasant surprise.

The case is a made from injected moulded thermoplastic construction which provides protection against shocks and drops. The case is easy to apply and remove, but also extremely protective. The case offers protection against impacts, so your phone is protected whether it’s in a bag or pocket, or if you happen to accidentally drop it.


The outside of the case has a special high polymer coating that gives the case a clean look, while also helping to resist dust and grease. This is prevents no unhygenic build-up of grime around the openings.

The case features a tough shock-absorbing silicone bumper, the Samsung Protective Case shields your Note 4 from damage and scratches, keeping your phone looking as good as new. The smooth textured finish also improves grip, making for a more enjoyable in hand experience, as well as reducing the risk of accidental drops.

It also has a small lip on the front edge.

So that’s the tech speak above. It is a slim fit, quality plastic product that feel good in the hand, looks good and I really like it. Will it win over another case coming from Noreve? Find out next week 🙂

Updated – here’s some better photos taken in natural daylight




The case is available at Amazon – Samsung Protective Hard Cover at Amazon

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