Is the Tech Press delusional – The Xiaomi Mi Note is NOT an iPhone contender

Xiaomi launched the new smartphone yesterday, the Mi Note and immediately claimed it was the best phone available as of today. Xiaomi compared the Mi Note to the iPhone 6 Plus and selected a few supposed features where it exceeded Apple’s iPhone. Then the world’s press started making comments like Xiaomi launches the Mi Note, its iPhone killer.

I respect all mobile platforms and even though my current phone of choice is the Samsung Note 4, the Xiaomi Mi Note is so not anything like the iPhone 6 Plus at all. In fact the Mi Note looks more like the Samsung Note 4. But that is as far as it goes.

So let’s not beat around the bush. The Mi Note is no iPhone killer simply because it does not run iOS 8. It does not have the same polished iOS apps. It does not have the same killer camera that the iPhone does and the list goes on and on e.g. Touch ID, Apple Pay, lightning connector and so much more. And it does not have the Apple eco system.

In fact the Mi Note is no Note 4 killer in any shape or form either. The list is huge as to why as well.

What Xiaomi have produced is last years hardware, in a svelte body and at a low price. But this feat is also being carried out by many other android manufacturers.

I am not going to say anymore on this until I have had a chance to test this phone. But please no more iPhone killer comments.


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