Fight – Samsung Note Edge vs Samsung Note 4


If you listened to my latest podcast “Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast Xmas 2014 Special available here you would have heard my final review thoughts on the Note Edge and it’s crowning as the best phone overall for 2014. And without a doubt it really is something special.

But I constantly get asked is it really that much better than the Note 4 and the extra premium it carries. Well, in this comparison below which based on my current experiences of both phones I am going to tell you why you would buy the Note 4 over the Edge and vice versa.

So let the fight commence –

Round 1 – Battery – my Note 4 usage got me 25 hours and 6 hours screen on time. Really acceptable for myself as a power gladiator. The Edge failed me badly with 10-11 hours usage and 3 hours screen on time. Sometimes it got 12 hours and 3.5 hours screen on time. My wife suggested getting a spare battery. But that would mean charging the phone and a spare battery every day. This is imo the single biggest reason to buy a Note 4 over the Edge.

Round 2 – Design – The Note Edge kills the Note 4 in this department. Side by side the Edge so wins this one . Like beauty and the beast.

Round 3 – Software – nearly identical but the Edge has that panel with software controls and it really does make a difference in usability and operation. Edge wins here marginally.

Round 4 – In Hand comfort and grip. Note 4 wins simply because 2 identical sides are easier to hold and the Edge doesn’t really work for people who hold their phone in their left hand, despite the Edge’s left handed mode. However, I never found the Edge uncomfortable to hold.

Round 5 – after market accessories. The unusual shape of the Edge and less sales volumes will reduce the number of accessories available. Heck,  even Samsung’s Gear VR only works with the Note 4. Third party cases are nicer and more extravagant with the Note 4. I have a lovely leather bespoke case from Noreve for my Note 4 arriving soon. There are cases for the Edge , I have 2 official flip Samsung cases for it. Both are for sale for £20 btw but the extra features of this case add to the lower battery life. IMO the Note 4 wins this one.

Round 6 – Development – tricky one as the Edge is newer so less third party developers and development at present. But less doesn’t mean worse and some of the options could get very exciting. But the Note 4 is still ahead in this department.

Conclusion – Despite all the above rounds the Note Edge is a winner so long as you can accept the lower battery life. If you can’t then go for the bland but extremely functional and capable Note 4. Either way both of these phones are astonishing once you have taken the time to set them up properly.

Update – I will be honest with you I couldn’t accept or cope with the lower battery screen on time and standby so went back to a Note 4 on Xmas Eve. But I so miss the Edge’s style and design. Really in a league of its own. If Samsung in future firmware updates substanitally improve the battery life times with the Note Edge I would buy it again in a flash.

5 thoughts on “Fight – Samsung Note Edge vs Samsung Note 4

  1. I’ve found the Edge is poorer on battery life but in part for me it is becuase i use the Edge a lot more becuase it is more usable. I have two batteries so not been an issue.


  2. Disregard the 0.1″ of screen diagonal and the 5-6% of battery capacity difference. Those are not the drivers.

    The Edge is never going to be close in battery life because, unlike the Note 4, the Edge screen is ALWAYS in sensing mode waiting to respond to a touch command. That’s the nature of the edge concept itself.

    Then you’ve got things like driving a single panel in two-section format, plus the other stuff like optimising all the applications for the screen, which hasnt been really done to the max for this beta product.

    This was a test drive and consumers have gotten to play with it. Cant ask for the world in that situation.

    Question is whether Samsung has the guts do the rest of the optimising in order to put out a mainstream product with this edge design.


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