Your new rights under the new Consumer Contracts Regulations

Back in June the new Consumer Contract Regulations come into force. This is on top of the Sale of Goods Act legislation.

Without a doubt you get the most protection buying online as you have a 14-day refund right that begins from the day you receive your goods even if you change your mind.

If you buy on the High Street and simply change your mind you have no legal rights to return items unless faulty.  It is only the store policies that may extend beyond your legal rights and offer a refund for changing your mind or even a store credit.

The “cooling off” period is one of a series of new rights for buying online, introduced when Distance Selling Regulations were replaced in June.
Under new Consumer Contracts Regulations, you have 14 days to cancel an online contract, such as a gym membership.

Sellers now must pay your refund within 14 days after you have posted back goods. Sellers are also prohibited from charging customers for an additional item with a pre-ticked box, such as cancellation protection or extra insurance.

So best know your rights if you need to return something. It is also worth noting your credit card offers protection for goods over £100 and less than £30,000 but beware they will probably fight tooth and nail over refunding and monies to you.

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