Samsung Gear S – standalone mode

Yesterday it was my works Xmas party. So for once,  I left my Note Edge at home and used the Gear S as a phone that was independent of the Samsung Note Edge.

From my other post you will have read that 3 UK are without a network service within a 10 mile radius of my home address. I’m not sure how much of a battery drain this was on the Gear S,  as it did try to connect to the Note Edge and turn on call forwarding. This was not possible due to lack of service.

However,  and to my surprise any notification that arrived on the Note Edge using wifi got sent to the Gear S.  After 12 hours of using the Gear S you realise how many notifications you receive and perhaps it may be best to turn them all off. Receiving and not being able to reply really highlighted that I had too many notifications.  With the Gear S in independent mode,  you can call, text or email.  Using the Opera Mini Web browser you could respond to other services.

But what about battery life in this mode. 12 hours only versus 2 days when connected via Bluetooth to your samsung phone.

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