Samsung Note Edge – 4 hours later – my views

This is a quick update on my first 4 hours with the Samsung Note Edge.

Hardware – absolutely gorgeous,  much nicer than the Note 4. The curved edge really helps add to the overall package.

Software – surprisingly it’s a polished affair. In fact, it feels better finished than the Note 4.

Installation – having 2 step on everything really slows down the setup of a new device but most apps and services are now running. I restored my Samsung account which pulled back my texts messages, bookmarks, S Health data and more. Google account is all signed in. So far about 90 apps are all configured. Now the long delay of installing 40 large games and another 50 apps, so now the Edge is on the charger. 400 photos installed on memory card. 3,000 songs added.

Edge screen – all configured and downloaded a few extras. In the 4 hours since using the device it’s been rather handy.

Screen panel – subjective but it seems better than the one on the Note 4!

I’ve got lots more to say but for now.

Final thought. The standard Note 4 should never have been made. The Note Edge is cutting edge.

One more thought. My Note 4 is for sale!

22 thoughts on “Samsung Note Edge – 4 hours later – my views

    1. Didn’t use kies. On my Note 4 I was signed into my samsung account and backed up various settings (user selectable) . When I setup the Edge, I signed in to my samsung account and selected restore and then voila – sms, blacklisted contacts, bookmarks, mms, scrapbook, S Note etc…


  1. Thanks Gav. I was asking coz I’m flying back to Manchester for the Xmas holidays. I work in Qatar so am able to get this phone for a bit less here. Its a good price for the UK but I’ll pass on this occasion. Thanks anyway. 🙂


  2. 430 UK . The mobile phone company here in Qatar, Ooredoo, sell the Exynos version for UK equivalent of 480 pounds. The husband of my secretary works for that company so I also get 10% off as well.

    Its a good price here in Qatar but I thought I would ask anyway seeing as how I will be back in the UK in 4 days.


  3. I understand its low Gav. Your price is very good for the UK but I’ll buy one from Ooredoo. I guess we are spoiled out here! 🙂


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