Living the dream – Samsung Note 4, Gear S and Note Pro 12.2.

So its another 24 hours later. This time I have used the S-Pen to write this entire post. t have managed to write this fairly easily on the Notepro and even easier on the Samsung Note 4. I am left with the original niggle from yesterday over the cell signal. Do I hope that Samsung eventually improve this with an update. I hope so, as I prefer the Note 4 over the iPhone. The 6 Plus is a nicer piece of kit. It just becomes less exciting to use overtime and isn’t as flexible as a device as I would personally prefer.

In terms of using the S-Pen it seems far simpler to use on the Note 4 if you are holding the Note 4 in the hand to the stylus. I will be honest though and say that using swipe is fastest method of data entry. However , using the pen is a lovely feeling.

I’ve realised that the Gear S battery is good for 2 days. It is without a doubt the best watch for my needs that I have used so far.

In terms of overall package the three devices are a good combination providing you need the pen. S Health is also excellent but the main problem is the competition are catching up.

Below is a sample note that you can create.


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