Living the Samsung Nightmare – Note 4, Gear S and NotePro 12.2

Some balance to all the glow from the last few days and for some you may not like reading my comments below. But unlike some reviews, I am not in the pockets of the manufacturers so will say it how it is.

Before I get to the Note 4, I used the NotePro 12.2 with Chrome and the Internet Browser both open in multitasking mode side by side, so I could compare images of 2 different vehicles. The iPad really needs some form of multi window.

The Gear S has been faultless. Battery at the end of the night before bedtime was at 65%. I have also discovered that call forwarding charges vary from network to network. Three UK don’t charge. They simply take the cost from your allowance. EE charge through the roof unless a business customer. I believe the charge is around 60p per minute. I will double check this cost again from EE as it seems totally out of sync with Three UK.

And now to the nightmare scenery with the Note 4. To recap it has sensors galore – heart rate, oxygen levels, UV. A very good camera. S-Pen. Multitasking. QHD screen. And so much more. In fact it’s removed the toolbox gimmick found on the S5 and replaced it with Side Key Panel. See screen shot. Basically you get the bottom capacitive and home key on the left or right edge. It hides when not in use. Flick to bring out. You can move it to your preferred position.


But stripping it back to basics it still is a phone that can send SMS messages. And this is where it fails miserably. It has really poor signal strength. I live in a rural location. Reception downstairs has always been flaky on Three UK but it for the iPhone 6 Plus it was still able to make/receive phone calls/SMS. The BlackBerry Passport had no issues with grasping on the reception. And now to the Note 4. Downstairs the Note 4 “cannot” make or receive any phone calls or SMS. It cannot pull a signal. I have noticed in many different areas outside of my house, weaker cell coverage too. Problem is if I cannot get the basics from the Note 4, I will have to return it along with the Gear S, as the Gear S only works with a Samsung phone.

Some background. I have been with Three UK for quite some time. I have tried O2, Vodafone and T-Mobile and all were rubbish. However, reader “Jah” suggested I look into EE and I got hold of a EE pay as you go sim to test. Low and behold the Note 4 did have signal downstairs, albeit at the lowest signal thresholds. EE could be a solution, so long as call forwarding is not charged at 60p per minute when calls get forwarded from the Note 4 to the Gear S.

Just to make sure my signal issues weren’t unique to myself, I started a thread on XDA Developers and it appears many people are also experiencing poor signal strength. Maybe we shouldn’t have asked Samsung to build a metal phone!

Update – I went online and chatted to EE who stated call forwarding is not charged. Uses your allowance.


9 thoughts on “Living the Samsung Nightmare – Note 4, Gear S and NotePro 12.2

  1. I’ve not noticed any signal issues on my Note 4 but I’ve been in built up towns since buying it. Also my LG G3 is my personal phone I use at weekends so not had a chance to really test the Note 4.


  2. I have the same signal problem on 3Three when I go to my son’s house. I use their iOS App “ThreeInTouch”, which works through his home WiFi & uses the normal 3Three allowances. Only small problem is that text messages are recorded in the App, not in the normal message App. They may have same for Google Playstore


  3. I also have both the iPhone 6 Plus and the Note 4. The iPhone is far more reliable in terms of call quality. The Note 4 drops the call frequently enough to be a concern. I also get a frequent “not registered on network” message, which was not resolved after troubleshooting with Vodafone today. As we buy a lot of phones for our business, I get to play with a lot of handsets and pass those I don’t like to our staff 🙂
    I really want to like the Note 4, especially since I have borrowed my wife’s Gear 2 Neo and really like the combination, but I am struggling with the call reliability. I will trial it for another couple of weeks, but unless a firmware update comes along to fix it, will most likely go back to the iPhone. That would be a shame, as the smart watch and phone combination is terrific. I wanted to buy the Gear S, if I liked the Note 4. I may be stuck waiting for the Apple Watch. The Apple phone is a little less impressive to look at, but the camera and phone are more better than the Samsung. While the battery life on the Note 4 is impressive, the iPhone beats it on that count as well. However, the Apple device does not currently have a cool smartwatch! Fix the call issues, tell me the heart rate sensor on tne Gear S works well enough for running and I may just stay with Samsung.


    1. I use Vodafone in the UK and no issues at all with call quality nor dropped calls. In fact the call quality is very good with the HD service Vodafone provide.


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