Smartphone Flagship – decisions – views on LG G3, iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Note 4

I have read raging written battles on several forums regarding the above phones. Note 4 fans are dissing the iPhone for its lack of specifications versus the iPhone and so on.

As you will be aware, I currently own the LG G3. It’s a superb piece of kit but omitting the specs per se for the moment, I’m going to try and be objective on what matters. And then I’m going to try and do the same for the other phones. What you will see hopefully is a difficult choice if you had to choose just one phone.

LG G3 – QHD screen. Text/Photos look great but not the best in bright sunlight. Also heat controls dim the screen. Qi charging only used at night. Charges on LG Qi stand which takes effort out of plugging lead in every night. LG infra red blaster. Watching TV or a DVD. Handy for basic controls as phone always next to me, but not necessarily remotes. Standard IR software includes DVD eject and close button. Useful as not working on DVD player and doesn’t exist on official DVD remote control. Camera. Redefines zero options. Full auto which works most times extremely well. The laser auto focus seems to create fast shot to shot times and quick first shots. Design – curved back and rear buttons make handling the 5.5 inch screen a breeze. Android so highly customisable. Using Nova Launcher with some super slick customisation. Runs Android. Google services and Google Now are brilliant. Decent apps. USB Host and mass storage. Can connect hard drives and cameras directly to phone and many more USB devices. Superb game controller support along with emulators. I have the 32gb/3gb version. Replaceable and user removable battery. Micro SD slot which takes up to 128gb micro sd cards. As this has been on the market for nearly 3 months it is the cheapest option by several hundred pounds.

iPhone 6 Plus – unrivalled design. Screen has better contrast and angles and better readability than LG G3 in sunlight. Super bright screen and natural looking colours. ios Eco system benefits. Handoff just works. The ability to be able to make calls on your iPhone or iPad and soon Mac and move from one to the other is simply awesome. Apple Pay is a simple solution to a big daily activity of buying items. Touch ID is the best finger print scanner. Camera. It’s a super fun and easy camera app. The software is highly optimised to take great shots and some of the standard features built in just allow for superb fun photos. The photos app offers excellent editing software. Going back to the Eco system. You have FaceTime, iMessage and all the other ios 8 tightly integrated features. For me, the iPhone feels great to use. It’s apps, Eco system and tightly integrated hardware and software make it a sum of greater parts. Less is more sometimes.

Samsung Note 4 – rumoured to have the best display. Relevance means readable in bright sunlight and drops down to really dark for night time reading. Ultra Power saving mode is really a life saver. Decent camera capable of taking more pro shots. The S Pen. Killer feature if you use the stylus. Again like the G3 is fully customisable as it runs android. Also has infra red remote control. Replaceable and removable battery a bonus. Micro sd card slot ideal. In essence it has similar features to the LG G3 , except it lacks as standard Qi charging and a fm radio.

Having examined these phones, they all offer a different user experience. One is not necessarily better than another.


2 thoughts on “Smartphone Flagship – decisions – views on LG G3, iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Note 4

  1. Two points. Most tech sites give the iPhone the advantage because of apps. Also I noticed reviewers are finally asking about value as the iPhones do look expensive for the larger memory options, £300 difference with the 128 gb LG G3.


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