LG G3 – Review – Highlights 9 weeks later

It seems a miracle that I still have the LG G3 after 9 weeks. Below are my key highlights of the device.

1) Design. Often overlooked but I really like the buttons on the back of the phone. The curved back. And the headphone jack on the bottom. All of these design choices make the phone despite its size so much more comfortable to hold. And being nearly all screen on the front makes such a great bold design statement.

2) Keyboard – not only is the LG keyboard adjustable in every way conceivable, it has themes and is accurate too. In landscape I pull the keyboard to split it which makes text entry simple. It is the first phone whereby I have not changed to swift key or something else.

3) LG launcher. It’s just clean and simple yet offers excellent customisation. The on screen menu buttons for example. Defaults to 3. But you can add up to 5 and change the order. So bringing down the notification shade can be done from the bottom menu. Simple idea but just works. And then you have Knock On and Knock Code.

4) Camera. It is as easy as the iPhone. It never fails to take a great shot. And truth be told it’s better most times than what can be snapped on the iPhone 5S. Maybe the iPhone 6 will change that balance. Yes the G3 has laser focus but it means it just works. I also like that fact it’s just press and shoot. It also has voice control which seems to work really well. I have at least 5 other camera apps installed but haven’t really used them. The default camera app just works really effectively.

5) QuickCircle case. This is one of the coolest cases for a phone I’ve seen at the moment.

6) Qi wireless charging built in. I’m not a mad person who says it’s the only way to charge a phone but at night, I simply rest the G3 on the qi stand and that’s it.

7) Screen. It’s a good screen and is ideal for my photography. I have tweaked the colour gamut in the screen accessibility options to make it more vibrant.

8) The infra remote software is detailed and offers more buttons than other default phone software provided by other companies.

9) FM Radio. Often overlooked but it’s handy at times.

And finally, it just works. I have had no issues with it whatsoever. LG have updated the firmware and for the life of me I cannot tell what’s been improved.

With all the new phones that have been announced and are still to be announced this month, I am still being held by the G3. Only the Note 4 or Note Edge are tempting me but after I realise I will lose certain features and it will be more uncomfortable to hold than the G3 due to the Note’s wider girth, I keep wondering maybe I’m best staying put.

Time will tell of course 🙂


9 thoughts on “LG G3 – Review – Highlights 9 weeks later

  1. And it is great value. The 16gb version in the UK can be bought SIM free for around £400. No other high end Smartphone is this cheap.


  2. I would echo your thoughts entirely. I’ve had mine about the same amount of time and have no plans to change it at the moment because it is the complete package.


  3. Of all the phones I have used I have no hesitation in giving the G3 my vote for best phone.
    It’s daily general use is spot on and holds tons of features but simple to operate at the same time.

    The only issue I have is you can not create or edit a note file greater than 10,500 characters. Once the note gets to this limit you can tap away at your hearts content on the G3’s keyboard and nothing further gets added.


    1. Yes, 10500 characters, with no recourse.
      And I’ll add that LG tech support took a month to respond to a request for help. But the phone is fantastic other than that!


      1. Thanks Dennis for your comment. At the time when this issue first surfaced Gavin and I discussed the problem via mail. In the end with no option to have any files greater than the 10,500 character limit Gavin suggested breaking files down into manageable chunks.
        I did that and where one particular file is a list of passwords stored in the App mSecure from A to Z, I now have three password files A to G, H to M, & N to Z. This works but not totally ideal as it means my other devices that are not effected with a file limitation (also running mSecure) have to use this ‘split-file’ method.


  4. I’ve had my G3 3.5 days and I’m in love with it. Didn’t think I’d cotton to the buttons on the back but I took to it immediately and now wonder why other phones don’t do that. I did replace the LG keyboard with Swiftkey, not because of any problems with it, but just for consistency since I use SK on my G Pad 7 and Galaxy Tab S and SK’s prediction is without par. Absolutely love the screen and the almost bezel-less design of it. Don’t regret buying it instead of an iPhone 6 Plus at all and it’s also cheaper so it’s a better value.


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