LG G3 – review – Hello Genie and Google Voice Commands

I really thought I had covered off everything to do with the LG G3 but alas there is another world of operation when it comes to voice control.

LG has their own piece of software, activated from the lock screen simply by saying “Hello Genie”, in the settings quick toggles by switching voice on or from the home menu button swiping it to the left.

As a side point if you swipe straight up or hold the home button, Google Search/Now is activated. If you swipe the home menu button to the right quick memo is activated.

So what can the voice control manage on the LG G3? Sending emails, texting, schedule a new meeting, cancel a meeting and show meetings, tasks creation, show map of an areas or place, navigation to, browse a web page, create new memos, open apps, play music or an album or a song, turn settings on or off and find weather information. You can also look up info on a contact. I will come back in a minute to the finer points of this voice control.

Now let’s move on to Google Voice control. It is what you would expect on any other android phone. Once in the search screen you can use OK Google to start the voice operation. But it is not always on in the home screen. It works as advertised but does not add the granular control of the in built LG system.

With the LG voice control you have more finer control, similar to Siri on the iPhone. So for example, on the LG voice control I can ask it to move an appointment forward by an hour. More of a personal assistant.

As another example, if I asked Google Voice to turn off wifi it just brings me to the wifi settings. If I ask LG Voice to turn off wifi, it turns wifi off!

A word of warning, all of the above voice control operation is dead in the water if you haven’t got an internet connection.


3 thoughts on “LG G3 – review – Hello Genie and Google Voice Commands

  1. Its not turning the voice off when I try the above. It still carries on reading everything on the screen and I don’t know
    What else to try. Any ideas?


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