LG WCD-100 review – LG’s G3 Qi Wireless Charger

LG have made a number of accessories for the LG G3. One of these is the LG WCD-100 Qi charger. As the G3 has Qi charging built-in, you can charge it using a Qi compatible device.


LG offer their own branded Qi charger, which according to LG offers a sleek design, portrait and landscape position for viewing content hands-free and a portable fold away design. In the box, you got the charger, some manuals and nothing else. No usb lead or power cable. You are meant to use the power and usb lead that came with your G3. This annoys me somewhat, as LG are asking £60 for the WCD-100. And for £60 I do not think it is too much to ask for a power lead as well. The problem occurs when you decide to get several of these Qi chargers, perhaps a few at home and maybe one at work. You only have one lead, so then you need to factor in purchasing additional cables. LG state you must only use a 5V 1.8 amp lead, the same as that supplied with the G3.
As you can see from the photos it rests just fine on the charger with the bottom curve matching that of the G3. It also works with the LG Premium Hard Case as mentioned yesterday. The charger also folds flat. One aspect of resting in a slanted portrait position, is that it makes interacting with the device on a desk for example a breeze. When placing the phone on the charger, a large battery icon appears on screen, with the words “wireless charging”. In the morning, after leaving the G3 on the Qi charger overnight, I found my G3 fully charged at 100%, and without any heat present. LG specify that the WCD-100 takes up to 6 hours to fully charge the battery, which is why this makes a great option for charging at night. Often with other Qi chargers I have used in the past, the phone and case if fitted, seem to get rather warm during charging.

Overall, a decent Qi charger from LG, just somewhat expensive.


6 thoughts on “LG WCD-100 review – LG’s G3 Qi Wireless Charger

  1. Strange, I got a LG-charger with my Qi-device in the same package – I don’t own an G3, and my Nexus 5 charges quicker than 6 hours. But I guess that’s because it’s a smaller battery in the N5 which makes it easier to charge faster.


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