LG G3 – review – part 3

Welcome back to the LG G3 review part 3. Don’t forget to scroll back a few days to read parts 1 and 2.

One question I was asked about the LG G3 was battery. Just how much a toll does a 2.5k screen impact the battery. LG have stated the G3 has many battery saving options, that help ensure good battery life. Some are applied automatically and some require user intervention. So below are some screenshots showing battery stats at the half way mark.


So from 6am to 4pm the G3 battery stands at 53%, with another 12 hours remaining and a typical 4-5 hours on screen time. So in essence the G3 will get you through a typical day. My G3 has loads of background processes, push email and other cloud services always running. But what impacts the battery is heat. When the phone detects heat build up you will not be able to crank the brightness slider up to 100%. And when the phone gets hot, the battery may drop faster. However, every phone I have used which get hot, all suffered from a faster battery drain. But what about playing an action type game like Asphalt 8. The G3 has to push 534 pixels per inch, and that does impact the duration of the battery. Nothing can beat the law of physics. However, LG’s methods of boosting the battery do work. So what you get is an android phone with a crazy hi res screen, that has similar battery performance to the majority of the android phones available to date. The G3 does have seriously stunning battery performance when in standby. It sips the battery at a very slow rate! Overall, I always get through a working day and with enough juice until I go to bed. WiFi, Bluetooth and Location Mode are all active. Location services are left in high mode too.

Lets move on to storage. The UK LG G3 is a 16gb storage/2gb ram configuration. I bought the European version which is the same as the UK D855 G3 except you have the option to get it in 32gb/3gb ram. And with all my games and apps installed, this is my storage stats.
As you can see, it feels liberating to have so much space available plus the 3gb ram must make a difference to the overall performance, even if it is marginal. If nothing else, it future proofs the device for longer.

Moving on to some other options with the G3. One handed use is an option in the settings.

The one handed options are useful, but I am having no issues using the G3 normally. I think this is because it fits snugly in the hand and the weight distribution is well balanced.



It is worth exploring the accessibility options in the settings app. As shown in the above screen shots there are some interesting options. The screen colour adjustment allows you to adjust the colour contract and hue. There is also an option for text messages and calls to be announced. The body of a text message is not read out aloud, just who sent the message or is calling. If the notification LED is not bright enough, you can enable Flash Alerts. This triggers the camera flash when you receive notifications and incoming calls.

And the last item to be covered today, is the option to enable shortcut keys on the rear volume buttons.
When the G3 is off, a long press on the volume up launches quick memo and on the volume down launches the camera.

Tune in for part 4 tomorrow.

Any questions, please ask.

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