Shoulderpod S1 – Smartphone Rig/Tripod Mount – Review

s1 box  download

The Shoulderpod S1 ,, is the first smartphone rig/mount that I have used that secures my smartphone properly to my tripod. No wobbles, no more phones falling off my tripod in the wind. The most recent photos on my flickr account were taken using the S1. The shots are on my flickr account photostream . The Shoulderpod S1 costs Euro 29.90 which in my mind is excellent value as it has 3 different uses – a tripod mount, stand and film maker grip. Opening the box you are met with chunky pieces of apparatus which gives the immediate impression of quality. Compared to my previous mounts, the S1 is leaps ahead in terms of strength, construction and desgin. It really is on a different league to my previous equipment.


The S1 main tripod attachment piece is adjustable as shown above and comes complete with rubber inserts to protect your phone. It also fits a large number of phones too.


When attached to my tripod it provides a strong and secure fit. No longer are the strong winds on Dartmoor an issue. Or having the phone at an angle on the tripod is just as safe as being horizontal now.

Apart from the tripod mount, you can use it in the film maker grip mode, using the supplied strap. In fact, being a bit creative you can hang the strap over a branch to take that special shot. In addition, once you have finished taking your photos, just attach the weighted bottom piece and use it as a stand as shown.

s1 download

The Shoulderpod S1 is so much better than my previous setup as shown below. with my old clamp, it was simply spring loaded with just a few areas lightly holding the phone to the clamp. Sometimes, this would mean the phone could fall out of the attachment. With the S1, you turn the thread screw at the top to widen the arms, and then turn the knob in the other direction to secure. This provides a superb clamped fit.


I have been using the Shoulderpod S1 for a while now and I am still just as impressed by it, as I was on the first day I received it.


1 thought on “Shoulderpod S1 – Smartphone Rig/Tripod Mount – Review

  1. Did you try holding it at 90% for portrait shooting Gavin. If so what did it feel like?
    In a tripod this shouldn’t be an issue providing you have a suitable head mount to attach to the tripod but holding it the hand looks like it is a simple matter of twisting the wrist ~ but was it uncomfortable?

    Thanks for the review. I’ll order one from them.


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