Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – number 2 – disappointment perhaps?


Last night I snapped a few shots in the glorious weather, a rarity on Dartmoor. Normally its foggy or raining!

I got back home and examined the photos. This is my second K Zoom so I was keen to see whether I had any lens issues. The below shot is an enhanced HDR version using Snapseed.


And one last shot from the collection of a few hundred taken last night.

Now the above photos are slightly compressed for the article, but the detail didn’t seem to be all there. I was cursing thinking I had a faulty Zoom and would have to send back this one for an exchange. And then, it dawned on me. When I had taken the shots for the other post for today, I dropped the resolution camera settings to just 2mp.

So actually, the K Zoom even at 2mp can snap some lovely photos. So if you do change the settings, be careful to change back to your normal default options.

I really am so impressed with this phone/camera. But it does have weaknesses. My feelings about this device are consistent in that its extra weight and thickness don’t matter. Why? Because its curved back make it excellent to hold and it is a good size for one handed use. The 720p screen is ok but having used the best 1080p screens on the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 sometimes I do wish it was higher. However, as the screen is 720p I have not got from Google Play store and apps/games that can’t be installed as not compatible with phone. Speed of the K Zoom. Generally it is responsive and nippy. But I do have 92 apps installed, 20 of which are games, and at some point lag does appear or the odd slow down. Being honest I thought it would be a lot worse but it is perfectly acceptable.

But my biggest frustration is its wireless capabilities. It has bluetooth, wifi and more. But it appears its signal strength on for wifi, bluetooth and cellular signal are not as strong as other phones I have owned. This means wifi can drop at the further point in my house, whereas my other devices hold the wifi signal just about. Bluetooth stereo audio breaks up a lot and the phone signal strength is 15% weaker than other modern flagships I have owned. And sometimes, the Bluetooth connection is perfect. It is just not reliable. Maybe a software update will help. In the meantime, the bluetooth issue is out of all the wireless options is driving me mad at times. If this can get fixed, then I would be very happy.

Before I bought the K Zoom, I thought the 8gb internal memory would be the number one reason I would not keep this phone. In fact, I am managing with 8gb internal (about 4.6gb user available) and with 92 apps installed have 1.96gb free currently.

Of course, you buy this phone for the camera with its 10x optical zoom and xenon flash. And as the camera is a key feature for me, there is no other phone on the market at present that rocks my boat. Once you have the option to optically zoom in, you just cannot live without it.


2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – number 2 – disappointment perhaps?

  1. You’re right! Once you get the taste of an optical zoom on a phone, you never want to go back without it. Its just soo useful when you need it… My only concern about the K Zoom is the small internal memory.. 8GB runs out easily as some data cannot be stored on an SD card, so thats one of the main reasons why I want to upgrade. 16GB would’ve been nice. Also I need a bigger screen with a higher resolution… I do a lot with my phone, sometimes accessing documents when I need to. The K Zoom is not up for that I feel. The Zenfone Zoom might be sufficient enough to handle all my increasing needs…


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