Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – review – update in the heat / full res photo samples

Just a warning – this post might take a little longer to display the photos as they are the full res. Click on them to reveal full resolution.

I was in Bristol yesterday and it was 25 degrees with intense sunlight and consequently the K Zoom got hot in my pocket. It also discharged the battery considerably quicker and whilst in my shirt pocket which meant that from 8am to 5pm the battery dropped to 25%. Bear in mind I only took 20 photos, and for the rest of the day was in a training course, only looking at the phone screen a few times during the day. Clearly heat impacts the battery!

Below are 4 photos taken yesterday. I would like your views on them please, good or bad or indifferent.






2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – review – update in the heat / full res photo samples

  1. Not had chance to look at any exif data as yet so this is based in what I am seeing from my iPad.

    Colours appear accurate, noise levels low (which given the amount of sun and thus a low ISO they should be so) and no evidence of fringing.
    If I had to be critical the contrast is marginally high. In bright sun light the lens and sensor have to work hard in pulling the darker areas in line with the bright areas created in excessive light. In these shots I am seeing this to be a challenge.


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