Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – review part 8 – stutter time

All had been going well with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom apart from some day 1 teething problems.

Well I had the pleasure the other day of taking the train from Exeter to London Paddington and then commuting across the sauna of the London Underground. In fact the train to London was too hot as well.

Anyway, I decided to listen to a few podcasts, and then play a few songs. My music is stored on the memory card. I was using the default Samsung music player. After about 20 minutes the track started stuttering. I was surprised by this behaviour so forwarded to the next track and then the next. Same problem.

The stuttering was only cured by performing a soft reset.

The battery life for the duration of my day trip to London held up really well. How by 11.39 PM and down to 34%.


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