Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – A Surprising Smartphone

Yesterday, my wife and I spent the day at the Royal Cornwall Show. I was armed with my Samsung Galaxy K Zoom and my wife with her trusty iPhone 5S. Both good phones for photography.

Apart from the photo taking side, the phones were used throughout the day for all the usual tasks.

Statistics – after 104 photos, the iPhone 5S battery was in a poor state, and to stop it dying completely was put in to flight mode. The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom was up to 500 photos and still had 44% battery. In fact the K Zoom took 700 photos at the show, and by my reckoning it was good for 1,000 shots on a full charge.

Of course, unlike the 5S, the K Zoom is necessary could have been placed into Ultra Power Saving mode to provide another 1.2 days worth of basic smartphone usage.

Photo quality – we were sitting in the grandstand taking photos of the show jumping and driving events. My K Zoom blew the iPhone 5S photos out of the water. I had 680 good shots, which I then narrowed down to the best 150. I have posted a few below.

All I can say, is the K Zoom is an amazing piece of kit. It has weaknesses. But if you always want a photographic or video memory of reasonable quality, this is the phone I would recommend was in your pocket.



16 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – A Surprising Smartphone

    1. I have used a panasonic compact, this was my first decent camera. I also have a DSLR. Personally, I prefer the K Zoom. I think the photo quality is slightly ahead of the compact but behind a DSLR. But as it is connected to the internet, a phone and more etc.. I put this ahead of all of them. Also, the included Camera Studio 2.0 editing software is excellent. As you can snap most shots on the K Zoom, I don’t see the need for anything else, unless you are after really pro shots.


      1. It will be interesting to see if the K Zoom starts appearing on camera review sites and what the photography enthusiasts make of it. Pics look great by the way.


      2. I think it will appear on many camera review sites. Also, this is the first release firmware, so hopefully future updates will make it better. It is without a doubt the only phone in a long time that feels good to use. But then photography is my passion. It is obviously not the best camera on the market, but for me personally I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it.


  1. The gap between good quality camera phones and DSLRs is shrinking. Cheaper DSLRs mostly come with wifi these days, though you don’t get the Android apps built-in. A DSLR should have better auto-focus tracking and all-round general ability, processing power etc. K-zoom sounds a very good device. Well done Samsung.


      1. I guess having this as a daily driver , currently on an iPhone 5s so screen size not an issue.


      2. It is my daily driver. I have no issues with it. I sorted the drop in signal by selecting my carrier in network settings to 3 UK. Then I fixed the band to WCDMA which is all 3 UK use. I sold my S5 today. That is how much I like it as my daily driver.


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