Samsung Galaxy S5 – Battery Life feedback

I thought I would provide some feedback on the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S5. First test was normal usage, no power saving tricks used whatsoever, screen nice and bright too. I did plenty of podcast listening via wired headphones and or bluetooth music streaming.

Below are the results.
2014-04-21 20.46.34

2014-04-21 20.46.40

Not too shabby. 15 hours usage and 4.5 hours screen on time. Also note that my S5 is a power user setup so has everything running in the background and tons of notifications. I was not at home when I hit 1%, so I switched to “ultra power saving mode”. Several hours later, I got home and still was at 1% battery.

So my next test was to use the normal “power saving mode”.
2014-04-22 06.25.11



As you can see the usage obtained was considerably longer. I gave up in the end at 5%. It would have gone about another hour. Whilst the screen on time seems lower there was a lot of streaming and tons of background tasks on the go.

So the next option is “ultimate power mode”. This turns the S5 into a near dumb phone and can last a huge amount of hours even on just one percent.

So if you have the S5 you shouldn’t run out of battery until you get home with all the different power saving modes .


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