Apple – 2nd Quarter Results are freaking awesome – summary of results

Apple despite fierce competition is raking in the money across smartphones, tablets and TV boxes. Period. Well precisely revenue for the quarter coming in at $45.6 billion, ahead of all estimates.

That equates to device sales for Q2 2014 –

– 43.7m million iPhones,
– 16.3 million iPads
– 4.1 million Macs.

And some further stats from the earnings call –

$150.6 billion – The size of the cash pile Apple is current sitting on
98% – Customer satisfaction rating for the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display
95% – iPad’s current share of the U.S. education tablet market
4x – web traffic generated by iPad users in comparison to Android devices.
24 – companies Apple has acquired in the past 18 months
60% – The percentage of new iPhone 5c users who made the jump from Android
62% – The percentage of users who switched from Android to the iPhone 4s.
50% – The iPhone’s current market share in Japan

Compare that to an average of 38M iPhones, 19.3M iPads, 4M Macs, and 3M iPods predicted by the analysts leading up to today. In the same quarter last year, Apple sold 37.4 million iPhones, 19.5 million iPads, just under 4 million Macs, and 5.6 million iPods.

Tim Cook revelealed that over two thirds of people registering an iPad in the last six months were new to iPad, while over half of those registering iPhone were new to iPhone.

Tim Cook was asked about the Amazon Fire TV. His response – the Apple TV is no longer a “hobby” box because of its growing hardware sales and the amount of content people are buying directly from the set-top box. Apple TV sales have reached 20 million units. And an update to this box is expected.

Apple’s iTunes account growth. It now sits at 800 million, most of which have credit cards attached to the account, according to Tim Cook. Another reason why Apple is raking in the billions.

The iPhone 4S and 5C are clearly popular devices due to their lower cost to ownership.

Apple then appeals to shareholders offering a 7 to 1 stock split and a $30 billion Capital Returns program.

And so this was the result to Apple’s share price following the earnings call –

Prior – 524.75 -6.95 (-1.31%)
After Hours – 566.15 +41.40 (+7.89%)

Clearly a good day in the office, although iPad sales have declined, more than likely over cheaper tablet competitors.

All we need now is new products from Apple to send the competition shivering again.

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