Samsung Galaxy S5 – Day 4

2014-04-13 14.24.12

So how has another 24 hours faired with the S5. Rather well actually. Above is a screenshot of my current setup using the default Touchwiz launcher.

I know many of you will rush when getting a new phone to put your favourite third party launcher eg Nova, Google Launcher and even replace the default keyboard with your favourite. We all do this to quickly get back to a comfort level and create a familiar arrangement on our phone. If you get the S5, one word, don’t change anything. Allocated a week, and breakdown over each day some time to play and learn each part of the phone. I tried to tackle everything in one day and it overwhelmed me with me cursing the bloatware and even cursing the camera. Nothing felt as easy as the HTC One M8, and it isn’t. And that is because it has the kitchen sink, which is not a bad thing if you take some time to explore what is available. My opinion of the S5 has changed enormously. I am beginning to like it a lot.

So lets talk about Touchwiz. It really has moved on since its last version. Now the icons are flatter, the settings have round icons and much more. If you look at the screenshot, you will see you can now colour the folders. This makes it faster to recognise the different folders. Also looks good too. Swiping from the main home screen on the left side edge to the right will reveal the My Magazine page. If you don’t like this you can switch it off in settings. The settings are HUGE. You will need a few hours to plough through them to start to appreciate what this S5 can do. I tried installing a different launcher but I removed it as I lost some of the Samsung widgets which are excellent like the monthly S Calendar widget. Also Touchwizz supports the hot word “ok google” to launch the Google Voice search hands free. The diversity of what the S5 can achieve is enough to give you a heart attack, but it is also incredible on the flip side.

Anyway, it was a hot sunny day last night. So I took a few more photos. Shot and More mode was used on the last two. Click on photos to enlarge.

2014-04-14 13.13.30





5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 – Day 4

  1. Hi Gavin,

    Thank you for your S5 review – I was wondering as I noticed your Flickr album had no low light shots how the sensor in the S5 performed in ‘your average guy taking a photo’ test? I ask because apparently the Note 4 will have a similar sensor and I do not think OIS alone can save the camera from the smaller pixels and software accuracy that Apple seems to have almost perfected in balancing images without HDR.

    Would love your opinion!



      1. So based on your experiences between the S5 and the iPhone 6 – you would say the iPhone is years ahead in low light shot?

        I had a horrible experience with the S4 in dim light settings and quickly left Samsung. I was hoping OIS + the new ISOCELL sensor would have bought them on par with Apple (which I believe still sets the gold standard for mobile photography — never mind the Lumia 1520 that is rarely seen in the wild :’))

        I really want to grab a Note 4 over the iPhone 6+ due to potential risk of the phone bending over the years through prolonged use. The Nexus line although very appealing may fall backwards with the rumored ‘Shamu’ phone – the Moto X (2014) already has the older sensor from 2013 flagships and that leads me to believe the Shamu will not have a decent sensor.

        I welcome your thoughts!


      2. Just use a case with the 6 Plus. In normal use it should be fine. I don’t ever see myself bending it. If it did bend then it’s back to the Apple Store for a swap. Very simple really. In terms of the low light performance the 6 Plus does a very good job. I do have a few other low lights shots which were ok too. But being honest low light is never going to be amazing. Not unless you’re using a proper camera with xenon flash. But I will say the 6 Plus does a good enough job for me and with ease. The Note 4 is a great phone. But very different. Difficult choice really.


      3. In my opinion, the phone should not be put in a case… It is a beauty to behold (albeit a bit slippery at times) but using it naked comes with a minor compromise, I guess. I plan to get AppleCare+ for peace of mind but still…

        I also agree and not naive to believe the iPhone could replace my DSLR + tripod for night time photography but I do have expectations that my photos do not look like they came out of a 2MP rear shooter from my 2006 flip phone. 🙂


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