Samsung Galaxy S5 – Day 3

So here I am on day 3 of the S5. It will be last post reviewing the S5. Overall, I just don’t like it enough. Sometimes, you can forgive a few things, but my S5 journey is over. Or is it. (Spoiler. See end of article).

Let’s start with the positives –

– Grip and feel in the hand, finish. It’s not metal but it does not matter. It feels solid and durable, and fantastic to hold. It is IP67 so feels durable outdoors in the elements. The flap for charging was well designed. It pulls open with ease and rests along the charging cable to prevent damage. Also, you get the pop up message when you pull the micro usb cable out to warn you to shut the flap properly.

– audio quality via headphones. Very powerful and high quality. Really good actually. I tested it with a number of decent Sony and Sennheiser headphones.

– Loudspeaker – better than you think at a sound output of 83-84db. Also clear for podcasts. But with music it lacks bass and vibrates at full blast so you will need to lower volume a tad.

– software – you get offers for Businessweek, Wall Street Journal, loads of health and fitness apps, in app purchases for free with Cut the Rope 2 and lots more.
2014-04-13 07.50.24

2014-04-13 07.50.34

2014-04-13 07.51.09

The problem is they are only limited time durations offers or apps of the same kind. I mean how many health and fitness apps do we need that do the same functions, and why do we need them at all when Samsung have their own on board offering? But for some this will be ideal and the choice welcomed

– screen – brilliant, and good in all conditions.

– hardware extras – fingerprint scanner (with ability to pay via paypal, samsung app store and unlock phone), infra red blaster, usb3 connector, pedometer, gyro, barometer and heart rate monitor.

To be honest there is not much missing. So what don’t I like –

1) Laggy sometimes and some memory redraws

2) Camera is nowhere need how Samsung have promoted it. I struggled to get decent shots in good light. Pixels were smudged. Pets were a nightmare to capture. Lower light was hit and miss. Auto focus did not always work. Camera app was confusing.

3) Touchwiz felt cluttered, as did all the apps and repetition of apps that did the same task.

4) To have screen at a reasonable brightness hammered the battery. Also, I had times where I had the official Samsung charger plugged in but the battery was dropping faster than the phone could be charged. And Samsung did not include a USB3 lead for the connector. How to piss people off in one easy move! Using a USB2 lead now takes a lot more skill to make sure you have lined it up properly on the right hand side of the USB3 connector.

5) Polish – the overall package just felt lacking consistency and finesse.

6) Fingerprint scanner – what a complicated mess. Great for secure payments. But not natural for unlocking the phone, like the Apple Touch ID implementation.

So there you have it. Many will crave this phone and its new improvements over their S3 or S4’s. Others won’t. I shall be going back to the HTC One M8.

I wrote the above yesterday over lunch. And then I thought I would give the camera one last chance. It was a beautiful sunny day and I took several shots including these below.

13820628883_afcab4cba7_o2014-04-13 13.26.29

And so I spent the rest of the day until nearly 11pm giving the S5 a second chance….. to be continued….


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