Samsung Galaxy S5 – Day 2

It is amazing what a second day can bring to using a new device. You begin to feel what it is like to really use it in real life as opposed to gawking at the spec sheet.

So, yesterday morning I headed up on to my backyard of Dartmoor with my wife and 3 labradors. My aim was to take as many shots of the landscapes in the daylight and of my dogs in action. I took 100 photos in total and lost 10% battery in doing so.

Dartmoor has its own weather system due to being over 1,800 ft above sea level. That means glorious sunshine can become a heavy rain storm within 10 minutes. Well, for the very first time, I wasn’t worried about getting my phone wet from any potential rain. Normally, I carry a small waterproof bag to put my phone in to should it start raining. So the S5’s IP67 waterproof and dustproofing is definitely a worthy feature.

So I have started examining the photos and currently remain unimpressed. I have uploaded about 40 shots to my flickr . The S5 photos start from the newest which are scenic shots all the way down to the 8mp crops of the dogs. Last night I discovered I have left the camera lens film protector on! But removing it revealed it had a hole in the middle, so I am not sure what impact it will have. But I will try shooting some more photos and compare. In the meantime, let me know what you think.

So what else have I noticed. If you shake the phone, you will hear it rattle (thanks Dave goes to for discovering that) and that really all these camera marketing spiel is a nonsense. If you want decent photos by a proper camera!

App drawer – it appears folders can be created, but cannot be on the same page as apps, so you have to have 2 app drawer pages, one for apps and another for your folders. Weird and wrong surely.

I’ve used the Download Booster and it works really well. Nice touch.

Battery – hard to tell but it does seem to drain quicker than the M8 but it is early days. I noticed 100 photos drained the battery by 10%.

Samsung Keyboard – hop in the settings and add your own shortcuts texts to the number keys. So a long press on a number key enters the text. I really like this time saver.

More tomorrow.

Update – The S5 photos are now in a flickr set for ease


2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 – Day 2

  1. I had a play with the S5 yesterday. The screen is very good. Very impressed. Didn’t was as fast on the UI. As the M8. Have ordered the Z2 for my wife who has finally decided she wants a large screen device and is happy to.switch from her iPhone 4s.


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