Samsung Galaxy S5 – First Impressions

So, I have had nearly 24 hours with the Samsung Galaxy S5, so what do I think so far.

I choose white over black, being the only 2 colours available at launch, as I felt the white looked better with the fake silver metal trim. The phone is very comfy in the hand, light and well balanced.

The micro usb3 port is covered with a flap. I have found it not so cumbersome, and the flap is simple to open and close as it pulls downwards with ease. But my S5 did not come with a micro usb3 lead, simply the older version. That cannot be correct, so I will have to investigate.

Camera – I have not really had much time to use it but in bright light the shots I took were amazing, better than the HTC One M8. They were so good, I had to do a double take. Inside in lower light, this is where it all goes wrong. People’s faces became oil paintings, so unnatural. Hey, I might win an award for the best painted picture. The low light shots were noisy too. The S5 camera is fast in good light to focus, but often I had to press screen to help it focus first before taking the photo. Also, the camera modes and settings within the app are a mess. Samsung, what have you done to the camera app! They should have kept the pre installed modes that are available in the S4, Note 3 and Samsung Cameras. Comparing the S5 to the M8, the M8 has a faster time to first photo, and a quicker shot to shot time. The M8 camera is vastly more flexible in most conditions. I need to spend more time with the S5 camera, but at the moment, I may end up swapping the S5 for the M8 as the M8 and its 4mp ultrapixel camera is far more creative, flexible and works in all lighting conditions.

Audio – using my Sony XBA-H1 in ear canals headphones there was massive volume available and really good sound quality. The loudspeaker created vibrations are full volume due to the waterproofing and was clear and loud enough on spoken voice. The HTC One M8 with its Boomsound speakers wipes the floor on the S5.

GPS – I used Google Maps navigation on the S5. Worked flawlessly.

Screen – what a cracking screen that looked great in the conditions I have used it so far. I also like the fact I can reduce the brightness so it is dim at night for reading. The M8 even with brightness off was very bright in a dark room.

Free – we all like free. There was a page of free software to download. I have downloaded it but not yet looked at any of it. But I did notice 6 months free of Deezer music streaming, and other free offers.

The S5 includes an awful lot which I am still to dscover. I have not been able to set it up properly either, which should be completed this weekend.. So there will be a lot to report back on.

One thing I did do was burn through 1.24gb of mobile internet data yesterday!

So did you get the S5? If so share your views.

Update – so it appears Samsung decided not to include the usb3 lead. What cheap scates!

Also some of the good lighting photos have been now viewed on my computer screen. They are mixed in quality. Even more disappointed with the camera.


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