Samsung Note 3, Galaxy Gear and Fiio E18 Portable USB DAC/Amp – home entertainment

Just thought I would share a use for the above 3 pieces of hardware.

My Note 3 is streaming music from Google Play Music. The Note 3 is connected via USB , using its USB Audio digital out connection to the Fiio E18. The Fiio E18 translates the digital signal from the Note 3 and then amplifies the sound into my Sennheiser headphones.

The sound on the Fiio E18 is turned up just a little too loud and then using the Galaxy Gear I am now controlling the media and system volume up and down dependant on how loud or quite each track is. The Gear displays the song info as well.

A lovely setup. And incredible sound quality too.



4 thoughts on “Samsung Note 3, Galaxy Gear and Fiio E18 Portable USB DAC/Amp – home entertainment

  1. Indeed, it’s a great setup! Btw, what Sennheisers do you use?
    The actual reason i\m writing is that have a very similar setup: Note3 + E17. And I was always thinking about connecting it via USB, not a 3.5mm jack. So my questions are:
    Is that a regular usb-usb cable you are using?
    Do I need some special software on my Note? or it just works once the cable is inserted?
    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi. I was using the HD239. The Fiio E18 comes with a special micro to micro usb cable. I’ve not seen these anywhere to buy yet. So all your need is a micro usb on the go adapter. No special software is needed either.


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