Samsung Galaxy Gear – if only

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is a great combination with the Note 3.

The attention to detail by Samsung is remarkable high in places. For example, the charging cradle piece, when it charges , it shows the battery level. It then turns the Gear screen off again. But it you lift Gear with charging cradle fitted, the battery icon and percentage appears again. Also the cradle has NFC for the first time setup.

But the charging cradle which clips over front and rear of the Galaxy Gear is also my pet hate. It would have been a lot nicer just to have a micro USB port built into the rear of the Gear. That way you wouldn’t need the special piece of charging it.

And what happens if you were to lose it ?

I’ve also found battery life improves all the time. One week is easily possible if motion option is turned off, otherwise 2-3 days is realistic.

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