HTC One – cases review

Yesterday I received a rubberised case for the HTC One, as mentioned in my article yesterday.

The design and colour was superb, but after a while felt uncomfortable to hold as the sides were not as smooth as I first thought. Also, there is no cut out for the sim tray.

Well today’s post brought 4 more cases. First was the hard suede finish case from eBay . I got this in 3 colours. Black with the silver is stunning. Also has cutout for sim tray and is comfy to hold. See photos.


And in green.

And in grey.


I also got another similar grey case from eBay but branded. This came in fancy packaging. The screen protector was superb. Its actually fitted in the above photo of the black case.Photo below of MF case.


And finally from Belkin, their clear matt silicone case. Comfy to hold, overlaps front screen slightly for better protection, but doesn’t look as sexy.


So as this is the HTC One here is a video highlight of the cases.


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