Day 3 Part 2 with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Let me remind everyone this is a huge phone. And to prove this point it broke my car mount this morning.

So what was today like? I got to use Google Maps Navigation and its so much better than that offered on iOS. And on the Note 2 the huge display makes it a stunning experience. In fact today was all about the huge display and how easy it was to read any text on my phone whilst driving. Actually, I didn’t have to read anything as I put the phone in driving mode. This is accomplished using the toggles in the notification centre, something that iOS really should have as standard. In driving mode voice control is active so that I can ask the phone to send messages and more. In fact when a message arrives, it reads it out aloud.

However, I found my first bug today. It is not possible to use voice control to update twitter. Apparently Samsung are working on a fix.

Google Now started working for me today. I had 2 cards at the end of the day. One showed my the stock prices of the company building I was visiting, and the other confirmed my route home had no traffic.

Some neat stuff today. However I encountered a major crippling problem. More tomorrow.

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