Day 3 with the Samsung Note 2

Ok, so another day has passed and things are starting to improve.

I focused on looking for a case for the Note 2, and consideration was given to its size and weight. Therefore I was looking for something slim in profile, but still enabled some protection. Also, as the Note will be used for navigation I needed easy access to screen. So in true style I did not buy one but several. I will report back once I have had some time to pass judgement.

Confusion is the current issue over the file management. There are so many bloody directories, fake SD card directory which is not my micro SD Card slot, apps not being installed where I think, and me trying to work out how much memory I have got and where and how to use it. Rather annoyingly, I could not find my 32gb micro sd card, so I used a 8gb one I had lying around instead. My plan is get everything setup as I would like, having experimented with some apps, then deleting the ones I did not need, and then reseting the phone and start again loading everything up correctly first time and with a larger memory card. I also need to have a look at a 64gb micro sd card to see if that works, but again I am confused since apps like amazonmp3 or Google Video seem to use the internal memory and not the micro sd card. If someone knows differently please let me know. Why does android have to be so complex here.

Anyway back to some positives. Games. What a revelation! Samsung Apps gave away Need For Speed Most Wanted for free. It is a massive game in file size. Anyway, it downloaded and the game video started playing EXCEPT it was not the game video as you would have expected, it was the start of the tutorial and off I went and played. On the Note 2’s epic screen, the graphics of this game are outstanding. Riptide GP and others also looked stunning. Compared to my iPhone 5 there is no comparison. If only android had the depth of games that iOS does then it would be a winner, along with a social gaming centre too.

Part 1 of Day 3.

2 thoughts on “Day 3 with the Samsung Note 2

  1. Google does not like mermory cards in Android and tries to kill it. Thats wy most applications are stupid and dont wanna use the memory cards. You can set the camera to save to it and thats about it without rooting. Using an older version of Spotify and then upgrade it you can trick it to use the memory card but with Google Music I found no other way than rooting and modding – totally useless. So use the memory card for videos and photos


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