Day 2 with the Samsung Note 2

So here I am at Day 2 with the Samsung Note 2. I am starting to move data from iTunes across and I discovered two options. Samsung are promoting their cloud music hub, a copy of Google Music in every way and also a piece of software easyphonesync.

Easyphonesync has an app on your phone and mac and syncs playlists from iTunes across, it can also sync every track if you want. What I didn’t realise as I went through the options is that it can also use your last iPhone back and add your text messages and calendar , contacts and photos. This has made the transfer so much easier. As I now have the music on the card, I can use the Samsung music player app which has incredible sound quality versus the other options.

Web browsing on the overall screen size has been a joy to use, making the small iPhone 5 screen seem well tiny.

I’ve installed Splashtop Desktop. Using the Note 2 to remotely access my mac is wonderful as its big screen is so easy to use. This is the first app where the Note offers a better experience and options over the iPhone.

Day 2 report.

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