First Impressions with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE coming from iPhone 5

If you expect me to say how much better the Note 2 is from the iPhone 5 well that isn’t going to happen. They are 2 totally different devices.

I’ve got my Note 2 all setup nearly as I would like with over 100 apps installed. The screen is gorgeous and also huge, in fact at the moment the overall size is too big. I need some time to adjust.

I have found handwriting for the s-pen really good but sliding across the letters to enter words is even better, really fast.

What I have found is how clumsy everything feels at the moment. iOS is neat and tidy and does what you expect. For example of put a micro sd card in hoping to save some main memory space. Both Google Music and Amazon mp3 are saving music in the main memory not the memory card. There is no options to do that either without following so third party instructions for rooting. Too complex and not user friendly, nor does it follow the memory is expandable selling point.

The camera options are very good and I love all the effects but the quality in lower light doesnt compete with the iphone 5. As is the audio quality using the Samsung music player, only problem is that you can’t play google music or amazon music thru it. The phone has apt-x high quality Bluetooth codec and that makes a difference.

To go from the iPhone 5 to the Note 2 was relatively easy. Google Music had all my songs and dropbox all my photos and videos. Once my users names were entered everything was available on Note 2. Clever stuff.

Then we get to the apps. iOS simply crushes android. The whole app experience is far superior. In fact iOS provides a much better experience overall. Of course this is early days.

I have got a customised lock screen with app shortcuts, stocks and weather. I have a selection of widgets and apps on my several home screens. So it is not all bad.

End of Day 1 report.

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