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Samsung Galaxy S7 – More Camera Fun

A few more snaps with the Samsung Galaxy S7. Worth noting that you will see a couple of these scenes in my other post with the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL.

Edited with snapseed HDR scape filter.

All Aboard #SamsungS7

Same editing as the first shot. Really vivid.

End of the Line #SamsungS7

Sometimes, you just cannot beat the lens cover wide angle lens.

Wooden Architecture #SamsungS7

Tavistock Town Centre #SamsungS7

Again, a fab shot with the wide angle lens. Makes all the difference sometimes.



LG G5 – Using the wide lens for a Time Lapse – Plus Another 360 degree video – Footage

One of the features of the LG G5 camera app is the time lapse mode. Switching to the time lapse mode reveals options to select the time period between each photograph taken. You can also select on which lens to use, that is the wide or standard 16mp.

For this test, I reduced the standard 15 seconds down to 10 seconds and use the wide lens.

The time lapse video is 2 mins long and using the wide lens produces a max resolution of 1080p. Enjoy.

In addition, I recorded another 1 min video using the LG 360 Cam. This is in stock now at Clove Technology. I thought I would include this video as it gives a different perspective to the area that I was filming in with the time lapse as well. I also managed to remove myself from the footage 😉