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Wide Aperture Mode on the Huawei P9 – Is it better than the iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode?

War Memorial #Princetown #wideaperture #HuaweiP9 #OO

Just look at the bokeh on the above shot, taken with the Huawei P9 in wide aperture mode.

With wide aperture mode, you can re-adjust the F stop and also apply some fancy effects like below.

War Memorial #wideaperture #special #bokeh #Princetown #HuaweiP9 #OO

Below is another shot which keeps the church sign in focus and everything else out of focus.

Gates of Death #church #wideaperture #bokeh #HuaweiP9 #OO

The shot below is another example of the wide aperture mode.

Graveyard Cross #bokeh #wideaperture #mode #HuaweiP9 #OO

So how does the wide aperture mode compare to the iPhone 7 Plus. Below are some portrait shots from the iPhone 7 Plus.

Dartmoor Pony #PortraitMode #iPhone7Plus

Roses #iPhone7Plus #PortraitMode

Through the Cross #iPhone7Plus #PortraitMode

So the iPhone 7 Plus can takes some great looking portrait mode shots but don’t forget it tells you when you have aligned the iPhone correctly.

The Huawei P9 is far more flexible. It will also work in poorer lighting and has the ability to re-alter and save a new image from the original with a different focus point and f stop from f/0.95 to f/16 as well as add some gimmicky effects. The P9 does have more bokeh errors.

So which do you prefer? The wide aperture mode of the Huawei P9 or the Portrait mode of the iPhone 7 Plus?