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Warning – iCloud Music Library and Apple Music – details to be aware of – Updated

“There are lots of people frustrated with iCloud Music Library due to it deleting music or messing up iTunes libraries. Now the new and updated service which is almost identical to iTunes Match introduces DRM. Turned on, iCloud Music Library is taking your music that you supposedly rightfully own and place in your iTunes library, the automatically adding DRM protection to it. In essence, it’s placing a lock on music that’s already yours.

Previously if you ripped an album and added it to your iTunes library, the service would search through the iTunes database, match the songs, and save them for access on all devices. You could also get DRM-free download. iCloud Music Library, included with an Apple Music subscription locks your music with DRM, even the tracks you put there in the first place from the CD you possessed.

Additionally, if you cancel your Apple Music subscription, you lose access to all of your music whether you ripped it and added it yourself or not. If you’re planning on ripping music from albums, adding it to iTunes, then throwing the CD out, don’t do it. If you ever lose your data or cancel your subscription, iCloud Music Library gets to keep the songs and you’re without the music you bought.

In addition, iOS 8.4 has removed home sharing support for Apple Music.”

I wonder how many people read the updated legal agreement that came with iOS 8.4? Perhaps everyone should have! This does not sound like a great move by Apple. If they had to add DRM, then this should have been made clearer. Seems like a right mess at the moment.

Sources – 9to5mac.com / cultofmac.com

Update – Nick @Ratkat mentioned there is more to this. Basically your existing library on your Mac or PC remains unchanged, that is the originals are still there. Unless your physically delete every song in your library, and then re download them again using the Apple Music. Thanks Nick.

Warning – don’t apply a vinyl skin to your HTC One

Smartskins was a post I recently posted how you can change the look of your HTC One.

Well in the UK we have had 30℃ temperatures. Consequently, your phone is going to get hotter. Playing music and using the GPS will increase the temperature too.

Unfortunately, the black carbon skin doesn’t allow the HTC One to dissipate the heat and will therefore prevent charging until the phone is cooler.

So my advice, is don’t use this type of skin, unless you live in an igloo.