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USB Audio Player PRO app on android – what a difference !

USB Audio Player PRO (Google Play link) is one awesome app if you are into using your android phone as a high quality audio music transport system.


The developers provide the following description of this app as follows –


The above may sound rather technical but all it does is provide astonishingly good playback in to a connected USB DAC. Let me explain further. I use my Note 4 in this setup. I’ve copied my music from iTunes on to a large micro sd card. The music has to be stored on the device and there is no compatibility with Google Play music. If you wanted to use music stored on your network this is possible via Samba shares, windows or a NAS. 

Connected to my Note 4 is a HiFiMeDIY Sabre Android USB Dac which then connects to a Cayin C5 Portable HiFi headphone amplifier. But the key part of this chain is the USB DAC. So prior to using USB Audio Player PRO app for android,  I was simply using either Google Play music, deezer or the Samsung Music app to feed the USB DAC. As I discovered it wasn’t a totally smooth affair. So I installed the trial version of this app which is time limited but still offers plenty of time to evaluate and test the app will work with your phone.

The app contains it’s own custom driver that only works when the app is running, hence why you cannot use other apps to playback the music. The player controls are rather basic as shown in the first screen shot above.

There are a number of settings as shown below.




Selecting music is fairly straightforward but note that there are no fancy options or the ability to create new playlists. 


With the setup I am currently using I had to increase the buffer size from 100 to 200 milliseconds. And that was it 

So what’s the end result? It’s night and day better. Beyond anything I ever thought possible and a total revelation. I wish I had used this app before. Using this app you will listen to a track and hear stuff you never heard before. The punch, accuracy,  detail and every aspect of the music is transformed. It is so good I can plug any of my headphones directly into the HiFiMeDIY Sabre Android USB Dac without using the headphone amplifier,  although with the headphone amp it becomes even better.

And one last point. I’m not using FLAC music files,  just good old mp3 at a recording bit rate of 320 bits.

PS. If you are likely to shop on Amazon please help with the running costs and use my affiliate link – details here. Thanks in advance ☺