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Samsung NotePro 12.2 – master 9 part review

Below are all the posts I’ve written about the Samsung NotePro 12.2 tablet. It is worth noting this can now be bought for £350 direct from Samsung. So it’s a lot of tablet for your money.

Before is a list all the review posts, but before that let me just give you a quick update on my current usage. Without a doubt the NotePro really needs touchwiz kicked off as fast as possible. I have even uninstalled Nova and now use the Google Now launcher which really spruces the speed up.  SwiftKey keyboard is also live now and this again makes a huge difference. I really am enjoying using this tablet.

Ok,  part 1 and onwards listed below.

First Impressions

Part 2

Part 3 and SideSync

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8