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The Day after Storm Angus – The South West & Dartmoor hit by a huge storm

It is hard to believe that yesterday evening and into the early hours the UK got hit by Storm Angus. In the South West of England, the storm hit hard causing flooding, gale force winds with lots of trees falling and more. 

Up here on the Moors of Dartmoor, I was expecting the storm to be significantly worse due to the rural exposed environment. It wasn’t pleasant but we didn’t get the full force luckily. 

Anyway, this morning I took my 3 Labradors out for their walk on Dartmoor. It was water logged, soft sinking mud in places but otherwise the sun was out looking glorious. The weather is due to turn nasty again, as I write this the sun has now vanished leaving an overcast sky. 

I created a short video using my iPhone 7 Plus and Sony RX100. The video is from the iPhone.