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London Eye and Waterloo Bridge – Shot on an iPhone 7 Plus – Testing the Zoom on iOS 11

The scene was set. On Thursday, I was standing on the roof terrace of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. The sun was out and I was looking a spectacular view of London. I recently installed the full version of iOS 11, that is, non beta, so lets see how the latest firmware compared.

The above photo is using 2 x optical zoom of Waterloo Bridge. Looks superb.

Above is the same shot of Waterloo Bridge but just using the standard lens. The difference is huge. The sun had temporarily hidden behind some clouds, hence the difference is brightness/colour.

So testing the zoom lens at 2 x optical zoom, we can focus nicely on the London Eye.

The next shot above is of the London Eye, using the normal wide lens.

So despite the iPhone 7 Plus being one year old, it still can perform really well. I cant wait to see how the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X perform against the 7.


Motion Time Lapse – Shot on an iPhone at Sunset and then in a gale using the DJI Osmo Mobile

DJI motion

The sunrises and sunsets on Dartmoor recently have been spectacular with some vivid colours. So as part of my review process I decided to test the motion time lapse mode on the DJI Osmo Mobile, shown above. For the sunset motion time lapse shown below, I have the DJI extension attached to the DJI Osmo Mobile. The extension piece has a tripod screw which allows for a decent connection to my tripod.

Using the DJI Go app, you select motion time lapse, then you select the start and end points of the time lapse. You can several points too to make the motion time lapse more interesting. Next the duration between taking a photo and the overall length of time required is set. All you now have to do is press the shutter to start, and the DJI Osmo Mobile does the rest.

So far so good. But I wanted to know how much the DJI Osmo Mobile could stabilise the iPhone 7 Plus in extreme winds. During the recording of the below motion time lapse, I was concerned my tripod was going to be blown over many times. Fortunately, it didn’t. Despite the very strong winds, the DJI did a reasonable job too.

And finally, at sunrise yesterday, I couldn’t resist this view on Dartmoor. Snapped using Adobe Lightroom mobile, in raw, and post processed with Adobe Lightroom mobile.

Epic rising of the sun over Dartmoor this morning #iphone7plus