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Samsung Galaxy S9+ – Low Light Camera Test in Brutal Weather Conditions

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ Camera is meant to shine in low light conditions. Fortunately, the UK is in the middle of heavy rainfall, fog and generally miserable conditions. The below photos were shot in very heavy rain and fog.

The photos are the full size uploaded, so you should be able to download these and pixel peep. The above shot looks as clear as day, with very little noise. Slightly softer on the edges but that’s to be expected with a f/1.5. But what to you think.

Shot once again in very heavy rain and this time the fog has increased. In auto again, but this time I wanted to see what would happen if I dropped the exposure down a little. Another clear , low noise and realistic photo.

The last photo was in auto, but this time the exposure was left untouched. It was actually semi dark outside but look at the light levels here. The shot above is a more accurate rendition of the level of darkness.

So what do you think?