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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 receives it first software update

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 received its first over-the-air software update.

It is only 30MB and promises improved stability.The update is currently rolling out to the region locked European version of the Galaxy Note 3, which has the SM-N9005 model number.

After the update the firmware version goes up to N9005XXUBMJ1. It also updates the handset’s baseband and kernel.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 impressions

Blog user “Jah” picked up his Samsung Note 3 the other day.

These were his comments and first opinions –

The S-Pen application is much more advanced than on the Note 2 & 8. There are many more templates (like checklist and schedule) and much better integration with Evernote. You could get away with not using Awesome Note (which is inly on the Note 8). The accuracy and precision of the S-Pen really makes this a “Note” taker. Music playback is more neutral than the HTC One with good control of the lower registers. Voices sound realistic and I “see” the 3D sound stage. Need to spend more time listening. There are lots of Samsung apps. I am interested in the health related ones – will look at these at the weekend. Also I want to use this as a business and personal device so will take some thinking about how best to use Knox. Overall, it is great value. Exactly what I thought I was buying.

After a bit more music playback with quality headphones I realise how neutral the Note 3 is and it reproduces the bass without the need for the Beats software and headphones. I am now very impressed. All my music is from the Amazon cloud store.

So have you received the new Note 3? If so leave a comment with your first views.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – confirmed minimum storage

Samsung has confirmed via sammobile, that the Note 3 to be officially unveiled on 4th September, will indeed start at 32gb minimum internal storage. The 16gb model is being completely dropped. It will also be available online at a high price at the end of September.

Currently the Samsung Galaxy S4 32gb has approximately 23gb free,  so expect the Note 3 to be around that mark,  or even lower due to all the S-Pen software.

The Note 3 is turning out to be a cracking device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – latest rumours

So apart from the new Sony Honami iL, another phone many are looking forward too, is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung’s replacement Phablet for the Note 2.

The Note 3 is rumoured to feature a larger 5.86-inch 1080p display, 3GB of RAM, an eight-core Exynos 5420 processor or Snapdragon 800, and 16,32 or 64GB of internal storage. However, don’t expect 16gb internal storage to have more than 10-11gb free to the user. A micro SD slot will be available for photo and media storage. Battery capacity has been increased to 3,200mAH, but again this probably will be needed for the more powerful screen. The 13mp camera is likely to have optical image stabilisation, potentially making this a better camera than the Samsung Galaxy S4 which does not feature this option.

The screen will be a 1080p HD Super Amoled. The device will feature android 4.3 from launch.

I am looking forward to seeing this phone, but I do hope we have the option from launch to buy the 32gb version.

The latest information on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Once again, as we get closer to release dates more and more information is getting leaked on new devices. No more surprises!

Except, this leak came from Samsung with information reveal in a WAP provisioning file on Samsung’s own mobile website.

This confirmerd the existence of the SM-N900T and SM-N900A, two model numbers known to refer to the Galaxy Note III. The files also show that the new Note will feature a full HD 1,080 x 1,920-pixel display and an ARM11 processor. Earlier reports suggested that the phone will also include 3GB of RAM, a 13-megapixel camera, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and improved S Pen support. A 5.7 inch screen and support for Advanced LTE.

Lets hope there is more to this phone than meets the eye.

Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumours

As September approaches, more and more gossip is appearing re the Galaxy Note 3.. And guess what, it will come with different configurations dependent on country.

The Note 3 will be 8mm thick and weigh in at 183g, which is slimmer than but about the same weight as the Galaxy Note 2.

3GB of RAM is also rumoured, but only on the LTE model. Non LTE models may only get 2GB of RAM.

Personally, I just wish Samsung release this with one memory size of 32gb and keep a level of consistency. Samsung’s competition in the phablet space will be intense so they really need to make sure this is a top notch designed device using flash materials too.