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OMG – The HTC One in red


The other day I ventured in to Phones4u and enquirer about the HTC One in red. The sales person disappeared and returned with the phone. It was taken out of the box and wrapper.



Now the renders shown in the post make it look quite good, a number of my twitter friends who have already seen it said it looked amazing in red, but until you see to for yourself you will not be able to appreciate the drool worthy aspect of the colour and overall look. The red colour is a metallic finish, and more of a kick ass red than lipstick red as might appear in the renders.

I have seen many phones in my time, but without a doubt the HTC One in red is the most beautiful finish, style and look of anything to date. It made my delicious silver HTC One seem the poorer cousin.

My next dilemma was trying to leave the store and not purchase it ….. to be continued …..